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Q1 2024 Allume Insider Report (AIR) Now Available

Looking to catch up on the most recent quarter’s shopper, eCommerce, brand manufacturer, and retailer (and Amazon) updates and trends? Allume Group’s latest commerce trends report, newly relaunched as AIR (Allume Insider Report), is now available to read.

Each quarter, we analyze and identify the hottest trends in our fast-changing Commerce industry. We do the daunting legwork – monitoring news and industry reports, listening to podcasts, attending conferences, and interviewing industry thought leaders – to bring you this recap of the most impacting trends for your business.

This quarter, we discuss the rising trend of Authenticity in commerce. Brand and retailer authenticity is a huge part of the journey from conversion to true customer loyalty. And in today’s environment, businesses need all the loyalty they can get. Download our free report to learn more.