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Why Your Brand Should Care About Amazon’s Item-Level Economics (i.e, CRaP)

Why Your Brand Should Care About Amazon’s Item-Level Economics (i.e, CRaP)

If you are a brand selling on Amazon through their retail channel, chances are you’ve heard about CRaP.  CRaP is an acronym that stands for Can’t Realize any Profit, Amazon’s label for items that are structurally unprofitable for them to sell in their retail channel.  In case it isn’t clear from the acronym, CRaP items are candidates for removal from Amazon’s retail channel. Here’s why this matters to your brand.

Hybrid Selling Models on Amazon – Why the Hype?

The single biggest growth opportunity for your brand might be opening a third-party seller account. More and more brands (including some of my clients) are seeing significant sales uptick by transitioning to a “hybrid” model to address a variety of challenges on Amazon – persistent out of stocks/inventory management, circumventing Amazon’s aggressive price matching strategy, a means to manage products requiring special handling, getting more direct access to their customers, and to keep selling their CRaP on Amazon (no, it’s not potty talk – if you don’t already know about CRaP, see my previous article).

Marketplace fundamentals & ecommerce success framework

In this foundational course, we’ll explore the nuances of eCommerce marketplaces including Amazon, Walmart, and Target as examples. We’ll review the key differences between eCommerce marketplaces and value-added retailers, including new areas of responsibility for brand and brand-enablers. Harness the knowledge and expertise of thought leaders in the industry and learn how to apply the eCommerce Success Framework.

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