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Three Ways to Build Trust with Shoppers: The Q3 2024 Allume Insider Report is here

Looking to catch up on the most recent quarter’s shopper, eCommerce, brand manufacturer, and retailer (and Amazon) updates and trends? Allume Group’s latest commerce trends report AIR (Allume Insider Report), is now available.

Prepare your business for this quarter’s shopper trend with our latest commerce trend report, AIR. Every quarter, we analyze and identify the hottest trends in our fast-changing Commerce industry. We do the daunting legwork – monitoring news and industry reports, listening to podcasts, attending conferences, and interviewing industry thought leaders – to bring you this recap of the most impacting trends for your business.

This quarter, we focus on the rising importance of Trust:
With the explosion of AI, shoppers aren’t sure who – or what – to trust. Yet, brands need shopper trust more than ever, as 83% of consumers who trust a brand are more likely to stay loyal to it. What’s more, 37% of customers prioritize trustworthiness over price when choosing  brand.

Navigating customer trust doesn’t need to be complicated – we offer three tried and true ways to build stronger trust with shoppers. Contact us for a private workshop on shopper trends for your business, or download our free report to learn more.