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The Emerson Group Industry Day

What an inspiring day last week at ‘s Industry Day! It was an honor to be interviewed by Julie Barber of Walmart alongside Andrew Vagenas of PHARMAPACKS LLC, hear from industry thought leaders, and meet many new friends.

Here are a few winning #quotes from the day:

Scott Galloway on what we may regret post-COVID-19 pandemic: “We’ll wish we had protected people instead of companies. Letting the gale forces of disruption blow creates opportunity.”

Eric Termuende, on team and change management: “There are two things people hate – Change, and the way things are.”

Bryan Gildenberg, on the value that traditional retailers provide consumers on product curation: “The endless shelf is a myth. What consumers really want is guided choice.”

Jocko Willink on servant leadership: “If you lack humility, you don’t improve. You will end up destroying yourself.”

Michelle Wang Goodridge, on being an effective leader: “People won’t remember what you say, but will remember how you made them feel.”

Paul Gama on career planning: “Don’t worry about you and your career. Focus on the business and the people.” The rest will come naturally.

David Simnick, on entrepreneurship: “Entrepreneurship is not only a career, but an affliction.”

Thanks to the Emerson Group and the speakers for a wonderful event!