Allume Group

New Education Company to Deliver Scalable eCommerce Education, Certifications, and Community for Brands and Brand-Enablers to Win in eCommerce

SEATTLE – April 21, 2022 – Allume Group, an eCommerce education provider for brands and brand-enablers, today announced its official launch to empower consumer brand professionals, and those who work with them, with the knowledge and community needed to sustainably win in eCommerce. The company, founded by eCommerce industry expert, top 100 Retail Influencer, and former executive Andrea K. Leigh, offers both online and in-person classes and workshops, professional certifications, as well as collaboration and connection opportunities with like-minded professionals through managed communities.

Allume Group packages critical and timely digital and eCommerce intelligence from industry veterans, thought leaders, and proven practitioners and delivers it at scale to professionals seeking to make a positive impact on the success of their businesses. The Allume Academy™ offers certifications in eCommerce Strategy, Amazon Strategy, and more via a course catalog over 20 eCommerce courses. Courses may be taken online (on-demand) or via private workshops delivered to organizations who seek to upskill teams or solve specific market challenges.

The company is the first of its kind in providing standardized education and certifications in eCommerce that can be delivered at scale to the market, and in delivering supportive, hands-on managed communities to empower eCommerce professionals to drive success.

“Until now, the lack of strategic industry-level, role-specific competency training and validation has created headwinds in hiring and developing talent in the highly competitive eCommerce space,” says Jason Goldberg, Chief Commerce Strategy Officer at Publicis Groupe, a global creative agency operating in 84 countries. “Ecommerce upskilling and skills verification will be critical for talent retention, the creation of effective business growth strategies, and overall organizational success.”

“As consumers have shifted spending online, consumer brands, agencies, and retailers are scrambling to fill the eCommerce talent gaps within their organizations,” says Andrea Leigh, Founder and CEO of Allume Group. “We aim to support this time of transformation through educational empowerment, helping practitioners apply the learnings to real-world business challenges, and providing a collaborative community.”

Brand manufacturers, brand-enablers, and individual learners can sign up for highlighted Allume Academy™ courses or contact an Allume Group learning concierge for help developing a curriculum plan.

About Allume Group
Founded by eCommerce industry expert and educator, Top 100 Retail Influencer, and former Amazon executive Andrea Leigh, Allume Group delivers the expertise of working with thousands of successful brands to professionals at any level of experience. Through on-demand eLearning or via private corporate curriculum, Allume Group enables professionals to enhance their eCommerce careers with techniques and strategies designed to be applied to their own companies, markets, or industry dynamics. Allume Academy™ awards certifications in eCommerce Strategy, Amazon Strategy, and more.