5 Predictions Based on Amazon’s Q3 2020 Earnings Recap

5 Predictions Based on Amazon’s Q3 2020 Earnings Recap

Pandemic-fueled revenue drove revenue and profits ahead of guidance. Amazon experienced productivity headwinds in fulfillment. AWS and streaming services are doing nicely, no surprise. And Amazon is probably hedging their Q4 forecast.

Three Better Input Metrics Than Market Share In Measuring eCommerce Success

Three Better Input Metrics

When measuring eCommerce success, there are three better input metrics than market share that should be utilized. A representative of a large global beauty brand recently said to me, “Our strategic goal for Amazon this year is to gain our fair market share.” I’ve written previously about how while market share might work to measure your brick-and-mortar business, it’s a deeply flawed metric on e-commerce sites such as Amazon, Target and Walmart.

How COVID-19 will change consumer behavior long-term

Four Surprising New Business Pivots Post COVID-19

The worldwide COVID-19 pandemic has affected our personal lives, businesses, schools, health care systems, government and shopping behaviors. As retailers and manufacturers on the front line, we face real, daily challenges. How do we get more hand sanitizer into the stores? Should we pivot our manufacturing to produce toilet paper and cleaning products? How do we pull back or adjust ad spending to address the consumer’s current needs? Should we scale back store hours? How do we continue to take care of our employees?

6 Reasons Amazon Comes Out Stronger Post COVID-19 Besides Increased Sales

Amazon 6 Reasons Covid-19

To level-set: I’m certainly not suggesting that Amazon is happy about a worldwide pandemic. Many of Amazon’s workers have fallen ill themselves. They’ve gotten bad PR over their sick leave policies. Their vendor and seller community are suffering. Supply of high-demand products is limited.

Amazon Annual Vendor Negotiations: Resources Roundup

Amazon Annual Vendor Negotiations: Resources Roundup

Our clients have been asking for help strategizing and managing their negotiations with Amazon. If you haven’t already closed Annual Vendor Negotiations (AVN), here’s a roundup of everything we’ve ever put out on the topic.

Is Amazon’s AVS (formerly SVS) program worth it? Six mistakes to avoid.

Is Amazon's AVS program worth it

Amazon Vendor Services ( AVS ) is Amazon’s vendor-funded support service. Formerly known as the SVS (Strategic Vendor Services) program, or having a “Brand Specialist”, the program gives you a semi-dedicated headcount inside Amazon to help you manage your business. The program is only offered to top tier vendors, and it starts around $250K/year.