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Amazon Q1 2023 Earnings Recap

Amazon Q1 2023 Earnings Recap Our founder and CEO, Andrea Leigh, is excited to discuss Amazon’s earning results this quarter. She shared with us the following highlights and insights: Nice […]

Chat GPT on Digital First Strategy

Chat GPT on Digital First Strategy Allume Group asked ChatGPT to write a 250-word essay on the importance of consumer brands adopting a digital-first strategy. This is un-edited, but parts […]

Spark Plug Podcast: Discussion with Andrea Leigh

Digital Shelf Institute Podcast: The Liberated Consumer Has Roared to Life DSI’s podcast hosts talk with Allume Group’s Andrea Leigh to recap Q1s consumer and industry data. This episode of […]

Marketplace fundamentals & ecommerce success framework

In this foundational course, we’ll explore the nuances of eCommerce marketplaces including Amazon, Walmart, and Target as examples. We’ll review the key differences between eCommerce marketplaces and value-added retailers, including new areas of responsibility for brand and brand-enablers. Harness the knowledge and expertise of thought leaders in the industry and learn how to apply the eCommerce Success Framework.

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