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Three Reasons CPGs Should Worry About “Ankle-Biter” Competitors Online

I sat in on a meeting recently where a large, established CPG client reviewed their competitive market data. After looking at several graphs and pie charts comparing them to the other top three competitors (while their team explained and defended basis points increases and decreases in market share), I took notice of one pie chart in particular.

Warning Signs That Your Amazon Business is Off-Track

Four Surprising New Business Pivots Post COVID-19

Wondering how to know when something has gone off-track with your Amazon business? Look and listen for these warning signs. Answer True or False to the statements below to assess your level of risk. More than one “True” in each category, and it’s time to seek help!

Three Better Input Metrics Than Market Share In Measuring eCommerce Success

Three Better Input Metrics

When measuring eCommerce success, there are three better input metrics than market share that should be utilized. A representative of a large global beauty brand recently said to me, “Our strategic goal for Amazon this year is to gain our fair market share.” I’ve written previously about how while market share might work to measure your brick-and-mortar business, it’s a deeply flawed metric on e-commerce sites such as Amazon, Target and Walmart.

Why “Share” is a totally BS metric on Amazon

Why “Share” is a totally BS metric on Amazon

If I had a dollar for every time I heard a client—mostly CPGs—talk about their “fair share” on Amazon, I’d be a very rich woman, sitting on a beach watching my three kids play in the sand, and not writing articles about Amazon and eCommerce. Today, we’ll explore why market share on Amazon is an almost meaningless metric and discuss what you should use instead.

7 Things Brands Must do to Prepare for Q4 on Amazon

eBlog 7 Things Brands Must do to Prepare for Q4 on Amazon

The fourth quarter of the year, starting October 1, is the largest selling season of the year on Amazon, with many of our clients driving up to 75% of their annual traffic and sales in three short months. It’s an incredible opportunity to grow share and increase your customer base! With that in mind, there are several “watch-outs” that can trip you up and dampen sales performance. Below you’ll find a list of best practices, tried and true across both our clients as well as brands I managed back in my Amazon days…