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Three Shopper Trends in Post-COVID eCommerce

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  As observed by all, the last two years spent quarantining has drastically affected our constantly developing market. Initially starting with a recession, the COVID-19 pandemic quickly changed our economy […]

Amazon Q3 2021 Earnings Recap

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Amazon released their Q3 2021 earnings on October 28, 2021. Here are a few takeaways on the eCommerce giant’s financial results and go-forward strategy:

Four Surprising New Business Pivots Post COVID-19

Four Surprising New Business Pivots Post COVID-19

In a few short months, brand-manufacturers and retailers have been under enormous pressure to change not only their channel and advertising strategies, but their entire philosophies on how to get goods to consumers who need them.

How COVID-19 will change consumer behavior long-term

Four Surprising New Business Pivots Post COVID-19

The worldwide COVID-19 pandemic has affected our personal lives, businesses, schools, health care systems, government and shopping behaviors. As retailers and manufacturers on the front line, we face real, daily challenges. How do we get more hand sanitizer into the stores? Should we pivot our manufacturing to produce toilet paper and cleaning products? How do we pull back or adjust ad spending to address the consumer’s current needs? Should we scale back store hours? How do we continue to take care of our employees?

6 Reasons Amazon Comes Out Stronger Post COVID-19 Besides Increased Sales

Amazon 6 Reasons Covid-19

To level-set: I’m certainly not suggesting that Amazon is happy about a worldwide pandemic. Many of Amazon’s workers have fallen ill themselves. They’ve gotten bad PR over their sick leave policies. Their vendor and seller community are suffering. Supply of high-demand products is limited.

Marketplace fundamentals & ecommerce success framework

In this foundational course, we’ll explore the nuances of eCommerce marketplaces including Amazon, Walmart, and Target as examples. We’ll review the key differences between eCommerce marketplaces and value-added retailers, including new areas of responsibility for brand and brand-enablers. Harness the knowledge and expertise of thought leaders in the industry and learn how to apply the eCommerce Success Framework.

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