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Three Reasons CPGs Should Worry About “Ankle-Biter” Competitors Online

I sat in on a meeting recently where a large, established CPG client reviewed their competitive market data. After looking at several graphs and pie charts comparing them to the other top three competitors (while their team explained and defended basis points increases and decreases in market share), I took notice of one pie chart in particular.

Search Like Your Customers, Think Like Your Competitors

Search Like Your Customers, Think Like Your Competitors

To build an effective ad strategy, sellers need to go through a process that, at its base, forces them to examine and react to the browsing, searching, shopping experience in the same way customers do. The way shoppers search provides crucial insight into the most effective way to build a killer ad strategy. Search is ubiquitous in the online shopping experience. On average, there are more than 40,000 Google searches performed every second. In May 2018, ecommerce tech provider Adeptmind asked US internet users about the first place they would go when digitally searching for an item and found a plurality chose Amazon (46.7%), ahead of second-place Google (34.6%) and a different search engine (4.7%).

Warning Signs That Your Amazon Business is Off-Track

Four Surprising New Business Pivots Post COVID-19

Wondering how to know when something has gone off-track with your Amazon business? Look and listen for these warning signs. Answer True or False to the statements below to assess your level of risk. More than one “True” in each category, and it’s time to seek help!