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What Lies Ahead for E-Commerce

What Lies Ahead for E-Commerce

Path to Purchase IQ recently chatted with Leigh about the current state of e-commerce. She will present on Nov. 2 at Path to Purchase Live: The Digital Experience. Her session is titled: “E-Commerce Trends & Predictions That Will Guide Your Brand to Success.”

The Emerson Group Industry Day Interview with Andrea

The Emerson Group Industry Day

What an inspiring day last week at The Emerson Group (A Consumer Products Equity Organization)’s Industry Day! It was an honor to be interviewed by Julie Barber of Walmart alongside Andrew Vagenas of PHARMAPACKS LLC, hear from industry thought leaders, and meet many new friends.

Salesforce Podcast Appearance: 2021 Trends – E-Commerce is Evolving, Are You Prepared?

Salesforce podcast appearance – 2021 Trends – E-Commerce is Evolving, Are You Prepared

In the wild world of ecommerce, the status quo is always changing. New companies enter the market to disrupt the norms. Legacy brands pivot to get a piece of the pie. Successful niche businesses get acquired left and right. With so much happening all at once, it takes a lot of work for brands to not only keep up but to get out ahead and win. Andrea Leigh and Melissa Burdick have made it their mission to stay on top of everything that’s happening and use their knowledge to help companies large and small make an impact in the market.

Marketplace fundamentals & ecommerce success framework

In this foundational course, we’ll explore the nuances of eCommerce marketplaces including Amazon, Walmart, and Target as examples. We’ll review the key differences between eCommerce marketplaces and value-added retailers, including new areas of responsibility for brand and brand-enablers. Harness the knowledge and expertise of thought leaders in the industry and learn how to apply the eCommerce Success Framework.

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