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Why “Share” is a totally BS metric on Amazon

Why “Share” is a totally BS metric on Amazon

If I had a dollar for every time I heard a client—mostly CPGs—talk about their “fair share” on Amazon, I’d be a very rich woman, sitting on a beach watching my three kids play in the sand, and not writing articles about Amazon and eCommerce. Today, we’ll explore why market share on Amazon is an almost meaningless metric and discuss what you should use instead.

How Scrappy, Disruptive Brands are Stealing Market Share on Amazon

How Scrappy, Disruptive Brands are Stealing Your Market Share on Amazon

Both in my consulting practice and during my ten years at Amazon managing categories, I have repeatedly witnessed the remarkable rise of a certain type of brands to large, competitive players in their categories. The Grocery Manufacturer’s Association and BCG released a report that stated, “…brick-and-mortar market share and shelf-space prominence do not translate into digital sales, and nimble new competitors with disruptive strategies…stake out leadership positions and are then hard to dislodge.”

Selling on Amazon with the Jason & Scot Show

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Jason & Scot speak with Andrea K. Leigh about her background and experiences at Amazon, the digital grocery market and Amazon’s efforts in the segment, and the best practices and common pitfalls in Selling on Amazon.