Allume Group

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The Allume Group provides industry-leading expertise for brands to win in eCommerce. Our vision is to drive eCommerce success and community for brands and those who work with them. Our insights are delivered through a combination of live workshop sessions, on-demand learning, and direct access to experts in the industry. In addition to hands-on application, we are building out a community of eCommerce leaders for online forums and group discussions. Our new cohort-based program, the first in our series is Annual Amazon Vendor Negotiations.

If you are interested, we invite you to apply to be considered.

What to expect:

Over the next 8 weeks
  1. Intake meeting with our experts
  2. On-demand eLearning
  3. Moderated Discussions
  4. Office hours

5. 30 minute 1:1 with our experts
6. On-going Slack community
7. Certification

Product Description:

Amazon Annual Vendor Negotiations: The objective for this course is to understand Amazon’s culture and wiring, how to prepare, negotiate, and close negotiations with Amazon, along with how to avoid common missteps in this process. This expertise will be delivered through a mix of on-demand training, online discussion forums, and office hours with our experts.

Price : $2,000